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HELLO ...and congratulations on taking the first step toward transforming yourself. Our Team can help you with psychological servic es in English or Spanish (haz clic aqui para servicios en Espanol) . If you speak Gujarati, Mandarin, or another language we can arrange for a professional translator.

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Psychological Testing & Mental Health Evaluation Services (some associates not pictured here)

Dr. July provides psychological testing for ADHD, learning disabilities (psychoeducational). and psychological consultations. Dr. July also provides services for court ordered evaluations and work/employment related issues. Additionally, Dr. July is a specialist in immigration cases with over 10 years of experience providing immigration psychological evaluations. Dr. July and the mental health evaluations team follow professional practice standards and procedures using valid and reliable tests and assessments.

Therapy & Counseling Services (haz clic aqui para servicios en Español)
Our team of therapists will listen, encourage, motivate, challenge, and inspire you. We walk with you through the tough things you are grappling with inside. The goal is to create an insightful, empathetic and non-judgmental therapeutic experience for you to explore your concerns and issues while respecting your values, lifestyle, and spiritual beliefs. With some dedication and effort on your part, you can really change your life with therapy. At times in our lives we are walking a pathway full of challenges, traumas, death, and grief…and life certainly doesn’t operate on fairness. If it is time for you to get professional psychological help, don’t hesitate. The most difficult step in therapy or psychological testing is making the call and going to the first appointment.

About Dr. July - Dr. July is a licensed psychologist in private practice. In addition to being a psychologist he has been a nationally best-selling relationship author of 4 books from Doubleday. He also wrote a textbook chapter on Personality in a Psychology textbook. Prior to becoming a psychologist he also had an exciting and interesting life. His background includes having been an entrepreneur, psychology professor, and a police officer. He has been a regular guest expert for CNN, the Fox News Channel, and the Great Day Houston Show.

Meet the full Clinical Team - The clinical team is a group of friendly and highly talented individuals from diverse personal and professional backgrounds. When you schedule an appointment with anyone on our team you will be treated with courtesy, empathy, respect, and professionalism. Click here to see the full clinical team.

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